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M/S Ingawale Patil Construction Company is considered to be highly reputed and totally self-sufficient company with special expertise in "Residential Building, Road and Bridge, Canal Construction Mass Earthwork and Rock - Cutting Procedures"

For more than two decades out holding has grown into a major organization associated with quality and quantity of experience.

Our accomplished works speak for itself. All our projects undertaken have been completed within stipulated time without ompromising the quality of the project.

Out team is well equipped to work in all possible situations and within some of the tightest constraints of terrian and gradient.

Besides strong brand of professionalism and company's meteoric rise to the reputation it speaks of today; the company head at M/S Ingawale Patil Construction Company, and our colleagues, believe in the completeness of task.

Our Values

  1. Integrity and honesty - We do what we say we will do.
  2. Accountable and responsible - We achieve results.
  3. Motivated and professional - We are problem solvers.
  4. Safety and quality - We are constantly focused on production.
  5. Continuous learning - We are committed to achieve excellence.

We shall be most distinguished entrepreneurial organization commited to create world class assets and infrastructure assuring quality, safety and timely completion and sustanability.

To encourage continious growth, technology upgradation and innovation in engineering and construction while executing landmark projects.

To vitalize professional integrity, team work, skill development and environmental protection at work.

To demonstrate atmost sustainable growth with effective rapid and compitative infrastrucutre construction via robust supply chain management.

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Home Construction

We do undertake residential and commercial building planning,designing and construction works.

Building Remodels

Remodeling your existing infrastructure is our passion and we are committed to deliver professional services.

Interior Design

We take your building to next level with world class interior with team of creative professionals.

Exterior Design

Our Architectural Design Studio has collection of Stylish Exterior Design ideas for your Property.


Renovate your property with cost effective and innovative solutions.

Safety Management

Identifying Risks and Reducing Accidents to Improve Site Productivity and Project ROI.


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